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There’s this place that Fast Mikie always takes me to for breakfast when I visit him in SD that serves the most AMAZING steamed eggs. I have recently been jonesin’ for them and have always wondered how they make them like that? And they’re steamed too! So that’s gotta be healthier for you too, right?

Well, I broke down and googled a recipe today, only to discover it requires a steaming wand:

How to Steam Scrambled Eggs

It almost makes me want to start drinking coffee so I have an excuse to pick up an espresso machine. That, or go back to San Diego….

Mmmmmm… steamed eggs…..

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Gratitude. It’s a terrible thing to waste.

On this weekend, we lost a wonderful soul from our pool community, Stub Foley. I then see on FB that my friend Melinda from Texas also lost her mom on the same day. I believe it was not too big of a surprise in both cases but it reminded me of when I lost my last surviving grandparent. I was only 14.

This weekend’s deaths also reminded me of how precious life truly is. In an instant, the we people we care so much about can be taken away from us.

If there’s one positive thing I can take away from all of this, that is to remember to be grateful for the special people that I have in my life. If I feel like telling someone I love them or miss them or care about them, I’m going to!

The time you spend with someone could always be your last.

I’ll be leaving on a jet plane this Thursday to Seattle to be with my sweet husband.

By the time we reunite, it will be 24 days since we last seen each other. So far, this has been our longest time apart. Coincidentally, it will also be 79 days since the last time I traveled anywhere, and 143 days since the last time I got on an airplane. That’s definitely a record!

This has been the longest time I have stayed in one place in the past four years. Wow…

No wonder I’m feeling a bit antsy.

I can’t wait to see my husband!