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The Personal Ramblings of Samm Diep

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I have so many wonderful things in my life to truly be grateful for.

Take my life itself for example.

I am grateful for my life, exactly the way that it is. Of course, there’s always room for improvement and things I could change. I always say, “I can’t complain. Well, I could if I really wanted to, but I’m not going to.” Because, what’s the point of complaining? If you have a complaint, do something about it! Otherwise, zip it! 🙂

I recently returned from my annual visit to San Diego where I recharge on a heaping dose of positivity. My dear, amazing friend and mentor, Michael McCafferty, AKA “Fast Mikie” is one of biggest inspirations of my life. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be in the blogosphere today. That’s a fact.

I am VERY grateful for his friendship and influences. He is such a positive driving force in my life. I’m so fortunate to get to spend this time with him each year where I can load up on good vibes and reenter the world ready to go!

On this visit, he surprised me with a Gratitude Journal.

Gratitude Journal (c) 2009 by Chronicle Books, LLC

I love, Love, LOVE it! Not only is the concept absolutely terrific, but it’s beautifully laid out and designed.

A notable excerpt from the Introduction:

“People who actively try to become more grateful in their everyday lives are happier – not to mention healthier – than those who don’t.”

There are enough pages for a year of gratitude and every other page or so has a lovely little quote or suggestion.

For example:

“Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.” Jacques Maritain

“Write down three things in your daily life that you take for granted.”

It makes me grateful for being grateful.

So, from now on, even though I will be (and have been) journaling my daily gratitude old school style, I’ll be making an effort to periodically mention my gratitude here. I think it’s really important that we all reflect on the positive things in our lives and not only the negative (which is always so much easier).

Here are some highlights from my recent S.D. trip. What’s not to be grateful for?

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