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The Personal Ramblings of Samm Diep

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When I’m in Minneapolis at Mike‘s place, I do a lot of cooking. I’ve never had any formal training, but I love food and I know what tastes good. It’s fun experimenting and having a guinea pig that will eat pretty much whatever I put in front of him. Obviously, some dishes are better than others.

Lately, since I’ve been home and Mike left for his home, I find myself eating out a lot, purely by circumstance. Lunch meeting here, get stuck out too late there, next thing you know, I’m totally off my eating schedule and not even making healthy choices.

So, I’m back on the wagon this week!

On Sunday, I FINALLY went grocery shopping since I’ve been home and stocked up on all the yummy goodness that I like.

Today’s menu:

one banana
protein shake made with organic light plain soy milk

Gourmet chicken salad sandwich
with Ocean Spray Blueberry Infused Craisins and blue cheese crumbles with melted havarti cheese and a little roasted chipotle spread on lightly toasted 100% whole grain wheat berry bread. YUMMMM!!!


We’ll have to see what’s available at the networking meeting I’m attending this evening. I’ll give myself a break since I rollerbladed about 5 miles this morning.

Hope you’re making the most of your summer sunshine!

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