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The Personal Ramblings of Samm Diep

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It’s been an eventful past couple of weeks. I’ve been working like crazy (and working out) and riding my bike like mad.

As usual, it was another amazing weekend at camp this year! I always dread the drive the day before and then in the blink of an eye, the entire weekend is over, just like that.

This year, I volunteered to pick up a special guest from the airport. Oliver Chin is an author from San Francisco that was coming in to do some workshops with the kids and sell his books in the book store. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I just hoped he didn’t turn out to be a complete drag. On the contrary, he was the perfect company for the ride up and back down on Monday.

Highlights from this year:

  1. Seeing my campers from the past three years! They were all taller and without braces!
  2. Meeting and getting to know Oliver Chin.
  3. Since I singed up late, I was more a ‘floating’ facilitator. More freedom. Less responsibility. Still got to spend time with my kids. It was a refreshing change.
  4. Went rafting with my usual group on Saturday. There were too many people so I went for a hike with another counselor, Terrance.
  5. Working the Monkey Race activity on Sunday with Jeffery and Tzu. (Even though it was so windy, we renamed the Tranquility Tent the “Anxiety” Tent)
  6. Bringing all my own food and eating in my own peaceful cabin.
  7. Discovering the sanctuary that is the RAC computer lab.
  8. Monday morning breakfast with Oliver, Mandi, Tessa, and their families.

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