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So, I finally broke down and bought myself a new digital camera after my recent tournament win.

I’ve been subtly in the market for the past few months now because I didn’t feel like my current Sony was taking good enough low-light photos and when I would turn the flash on, those pictures didn’t come out so great either.

While I was at Target in Phoenix with my favorite AZ couple, we happened to stop by the cameras and I was shocked at how inexpensive this li’l guy was.

I’ve owned four digital cameras in my lifetime and each one has been better than the last but none of them have cost less than $300.

Enter, the Sony DSC-W350

Sony DSC W350

Target price: $169.99

Target price after my friend’s employee discount: $152.99 + tax

Yes, I have the blue one. That’s the only color they carry there. It’s growing on me.

This monster is half the weight and size of my previous camera!

  • It’s 14.1 megapixels (who needs all those megapixels?!??)
  • It has the signature Sony Car Zeiss lens
  • It has a 4x optical zoon
  • It has smile shutter & face detection (which I’m still learning about)
  • It has optical steady shot (Who couldn’t use that?)
  • It takes 720p HD videos
  • And, my favorite, it takes sweep panoramic photos!

Here is one I took on Tuesday night at my friend Summer’s birthday:

Happy Birthday, Summer!!!

This camera is smarter than I am! More photos to come!

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