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If you’ll be in the Denver area, be sure to stop by the “Denver for Japan” Fundraiser. Admission is free and the best part is there will be a fashion show where yours truly will be on the catwalk. So, make sure you stop by and have a fun evening for a great cause.

What: Denver for Japan Fundraiser
When: Sunday, May 1, 4-7 p.m.
Where: The Other Side Arts gallery (1644 Platte St. in Denver)
Why: “A beautiful evening filled with local band, DJ Ashish B, Rebecca (certified massage therapist), learn about earthquakes and tsunamis, free origami class in how to craft an origami boat for children and adults, learn and participate in an indoor “Spirit Guidance” tradition, and last but not least, a fashion show featuring local clothing designers, local jewelry designers , local shoe and accessories designers!”
RSVP: Visit the event page on Facebook to RSVP

Click here to download the event flyer


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I’ve heard some people say they were born with a tail or gills because they lived at the neighborhood pool growing up. Well, I was born with roller skates on my feet. In my middle school hay days, I spent at least a couple nights a week at Skate City. The rest of the time, I just buzzed through my neighborhood on my 8 wheels.

When we first came to this country and were very, very poor, my mom bought me a pair of these from the thrift store:

metal strap-on skates

Those things were terrible! I didn’t have to be a good skater to know that they were no good.

In the second grade, at my day care, I sat on Santa’s lap and whispered to him that all I wanted for Christmas was “a pair of Strawberry Shortcake roller skates.” I don’t remember a lot from my early years, but I distinctly remembered being completely amazed when they appeared under the tree that xmas. I don’t remember believing in Santa. Even at age 7, I remember trying to rationalize if the day care told my parents and they bought them and wrapped them and, well, who cared? I got my skates!!!

Strawberry Shortcake Roller Skates

Strawberry Shortcake Roller Skates

These are not the actual photos of mine. I don’t even know where mine are. I wore those things until they didn’t fit anymore, then I wore them some more with the velcro open. I wore the toe stops down to the bolt and they had to be rotated and then when the stoppers were complete nubbed, I wore the sides of the wheels down to nothing.

I guess I went through the natural progression of Quad Roller Skates. My next pair was just a basic white artistic style with red wheels and stopper. Again, there was nothing left of those puppies either when I was finished with them.

At age 14, with $114 of my Chinese New Years money, I bought my very first pair of Rollerblades. They had JUST come out and I HAD to have them! They were huge, bulky, uncomfortable, and I never really fell in love with them. I wore them only a few times. They never really fit right or felt right. In hindsight, I would’ve been better off spending the money on a pair of speed skates and becoming a roller derby girl.

Sadly, I haven’t really been on wheels since then.

Fast forward 20 years and I’ve just asked for a brand new (to me) vintage pair of skates that are almost as old as I am. Check these bad boys out:

Vans ACS 500 Roller Skates circa early 80's

Vans ACS 500 Roller Skates circa early 80's

Vans ACS 500 Roller Skates circa early 80's

They are SO HOT! I can’t wait until they get here!!!

Maybe then I’ll be doin’ stuff like this:

Today, I went to see one of my favorite people, and coincidentally my hairdresser, Uncle Joe.

I decided I wanted a new look. I found this super cute hairstyle online and thought I’d give it a try. I had to make a minor modification.

New Hairstyle (front)

New Hairstyle (back)

So, here was my boring “before” hair

My Hair (before)

And here is my fun, new “after” hair

This is my much longer variation of the haircut I wanted. I need to be able to tuck my bangs behind my ears for it to be pool-friendly. Actually, that’s just an excuse. I haven’t had bangs in over ten years. Tucking my hair behind my ears is just life-friendly. When I play pool? Well, that’s what bobby pins are for.

My New Hair (front)

My New Hair (back)

I’m very happy with the cut. With a little extra patience and the right product, I could get it as voluminous as the adorable model’s photo but this is good enough for everyday-me.

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