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I love it!


The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell

As defined by Malcom Gladwell‘s 2000 book The Tipping Point, Connectors know lots of people. They are the kinds of people who are typically making the introductions and when you think about how most of the friends in your circle know each other, the connector is usually the common denominator.

As defined by Wikipedia: “Connectors are people in a community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions. A connector is essentially the social equivalent of a computer network hub. Connectors usually know people across an array of social, cultural, professional, and economic circles, and make a habit of introducing people who work or live in different circles.”

Sheri and I became friends when she moved to town and came to look at my room for rent. Within a week later, Steve and I became friends by way of the exact same circumstance. We joked that the room for rent was just a vehicle for me to make new friends. A few months later, Wendy actually moved into the room. Steve, Sheri, Wendy, and I became the closest of friends for years before life took us our separate ways. I still think of them often and fondly recall that time together in our lives.

Since reading the book (okay, listening to the e-book over a 14 hour car ride), I have come to believe that I am a Connector. Now that I’m conscious of this, I’m shocked at how many other connectors are in my life.

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I just got a great deal on a one-hour massage for only $33 at Moyer Total Wellness and wanted to share it with you!

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Some clever person has created a website called:

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Do I need an umbrella?

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Those are the words I repeat to myself whenever I feel like I’m coming down with something. Half of the time it works. Today, it didn’t.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and just utter yuckiness! I decided to pass on Body Pump and even had to skip out on visiting my friends and playing pool. Ugh…

Bad news: I feel like shipoopy!

Good news: I’ve gotten a ton of writing done and even got an awesome meal delivered right to my front doorstep!

Yeah, I have awesome neighbors! Jeff from two doors down grilled out today. I was going to stop by and drop off some sweets that I’ve accumulated over the past few days but just didn’t have the energy. He really hooked me up!

At least I still have my appetite

I can see my good friend, the sun, for the first time today since I left Denver.

I snapped this photo just as I was leaving for the airport on Wednesday.

my buds are peeking

I already miss my boy like crazy. Here is a picture of him also taken just before I left. He’s so regal.

Vegas, deep in thought

We did get to stop by my favorite bakery yesterday, Jack’s Bakery, where I picked up some seasonal holiday loaf. They bake the most beautiful, festive loaves for each season. AND THEY’RE YUMMY!!!

I would love to ship some to my friend and amazing photographer Lara of PieWacket to take some fun photos of. This is right up her alley!

My pics don’t do it much justice but here ya go:

St Patty's Day Bread

Seasonal Bread from Jack's