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Today, I went to see one of my favorite people, and coincidentally my hairdresser, Uncle Joe.

I decided I wanted a new look. I found this super cute hairstyle online and thought I’d give it a try. I had to make a minor modification.

New Hairstyle (front)

New Hairstyle (back)

So, here was my boring “before” hair

My Hair (before)

And here is my fun, new “after” hair

This is my much longer variation of the haircut I wanted. I need to be able to tuck my bangs behind my ears for it to be pool-friendly. Actually, that’s just an excuse. I haven’t had bangs in over ten years. Tucking my hair behind my ears is just life-friendly. When I play pool? Well, that’s what bobby pins are for.

My New Hair (front)

My New Hair (back)

I’m very happy with the cut. With a little extra patience and the right product, I could get it as voluminous as the adorable model’s photo but this is good enough for everyday-me.

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